Biodiversity Management Committees

Section 41 of the Biological Diversity Act 2002 envisages constitution of Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) by every local body for the purpose of …

  • Promoting conservation of biological diversity.
  • Sustainable use and documentation of biological diversity.
  • Preservation of habitats.
  • Conservation of land-races, folk varieties and cultivars,domesticated stocks & breeds of animals and microorganisms.
  • Chronicling of knowledge relating to biodiversity.
  • Facilitating preparation of people's biodiversity registers (PBRs).

The National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) and the State Biodiversity Boards shall consult the Biodiversity Management Committees while taking any decision relating to the use of biological resources and knowledge associated with such resources occurring within the territorial jurisdiction of the Biodiversity management committee.

The Biodiversity Management Committee may levy charges by way of collection of fees from any person for accessing or collecting any biological resource for commercial purposes from areas falling within its territorial jurisdiction.

The Biodiversity Management Committees are to be constituted at zillaparishad, mandalparishad, gram panchayat, municipality & municipal corporation level.

The Biodiversity Management Committees shall have 7 persons nominated, who should be drawn from local naturalists, herbalists, agriculturists, non-timber forest produce collectors / traders, fisher-folk, community workers, academicians etc.

The chairperson of the local body shall be ex-officio chairman of the Biodiversity Management Committee.

BMC Format Application:     Gram panchayat BMC Form Municipal Councial BMC Form Zilla parishad Form

BMC Formation Applications in Telugu:     District level Mandal level Municipal corporation level Municipality level G.P. level

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BMCs Constituted in Telangana State

S. No BMC Formed on Mandal District
1 Pembi 15-Feb-11 Khanapur Adilabad
2 Lakshmipur 24-Mar-11 Bheemini Adilabad
3 Bheemini 30-Mar-11 Bheemini Adilabad
4 Surdapur 5-Apr-11 Kerameri Adilabad
5 Itikyal 4-May-11 Khanapur Adilabad
6 Kerameri (Babjhari) 4-May-11 Kerameri Adilabad
7 Jhari (Modi) 5-May-11 Kerameri Adilabad
8 Dannora 5-Jun-11 Kerameri Adilabad
9 Pollampally (Weegaon) 5-Jul-11 Bheemini Adilabad
10 Rampur 5-Aug-11 Bheemini Adilabad
11 Dampur 5-Aug-11 Bheemini Adilabad
12 Mallapur 20-Mar-12 Indravelly Adilabad
13 Gourapur 20-Mar-12 Indravelly Adilabad
14 Dharmasagar 20-Mar-12 Indravelly Adilabad
15 Ginnera 21-Mar-12 Indravelly Adilabad
16 Walgounda Heerapur 21-Mar-12 Indravelly Adilabad
17 Dodanda 21-Mar-12 Indravelly Adilabad
18 Wadgaon 21-Mar-12 Indravelly Adilabad
19 Bheemangondi 22-Mar-12 Kerameri Adilabad
20 Goyangaon 22-Mar-12 Kerameri Adilabad
21 Devapur 7-Jul-12 Kerameri Adilabad
22 Devapoor 1-Sep-13 Indravelly Adilabad
23 Nazrulnagar 11-Sep-13 Kagaznagar Adilabad
24 Dhanoora 3-Oct-13 Utnoor Adilabad
25 Muthnoor 4-Oct-13 Indravelly Adilabad
26 Dasnapur 5-Oct-13 Utnoor Adilabad
27 Keslapur 6-Oct-13 Indravelly Adilabad
28 Indravelly 11-Oct-13 Utnoor Adilabad
29 Jandavenkatapur 29-Oct-13 Nennel Adilabad
30 Veerapuram 30-Oct-13 Bheemini Adilabad
31 Ginnedhari 30-Oct-13 Tiryani Adilabad
32 Lokaari 6-Nov-13 Narnoor Adilabad
33 Pangadi Somaram 6-Dec-13 Kottapalle Adilabad
34 Boregaon 24-Jan-14 Mudhole Adilabad
35 Kondukur 11-Feb-14 Kadem Adilabad
36 Shatpally 11-Feb-14 Khanapur Adilabad
37 Tarlapad 11-Feb-14 Khanapur Adilabad
38 Nawabpet 11-Feb-14 Kadem Adilabad
39 Sattan palli 12-Feb-14 Khanapur Adilabad
40 Bellal 12-Feb-14 Kadem Adilabad
41 Yelagadapa 12-Feb-14 Kadem Adilabad
42 Dasturabad 12-Feb-14 Kadem Adilabad
43 Nachan Yellapur 12-Feb-14 Kadem Adilabad
44 Peddur 28-Feb-14 Kadem Adilabad
45 Bambara 26-Mar-14 Vamkidi Adilabad
46 Madipadaga 28-Mar-14 Kadem Adilabad
47 Lingapur 3-Apr-14 Gudihatnoor Adilabad
48 Lexettipalli 8-Apr-14 utnoor Adilabad
49 Pochampally 9-Apr-14 Indravelly Adilabad
50 Chityala 10-Apr-14 Kadem Adilabad
51 Kalleda 14-Apr-14 Kadem Adilabad
52 Munneyal 14-Apr-14 Kadem Adilabad
53 Yemaikunta 14-Apr-14 Indravelly Adilabad
54 Jendaguda 18-Apr-14 Jainoor Adilabad
55 Waipet 21-Apr-14 Indravelly Adilabad
56 Anda 24-Apr-14 Utnoor Adilabad
57 Gudihatnoor 28-Apr-14 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
58 Shyampur 5-May-14 Utnoor Adilabad
59 Utnoor 23-May-14 Utnoor Adilabad
60 Nagpur 26-May-14 Utnoor Adilabad
61 Pulimadugu 29-May-14 Utnoor Adilabad
62 Anukunta 4-Jun-14 Adilabad Adilabad
63 Venkatapur 8-Jun-14 Mandamarri Adilabad
64 Bheemsari 11-Jun-14 Adilabad Adilabad
65 Ponnaram 13-Jun-14 Mandamarri Adilabad
66 Sarangapalli 14-Jun-14 Mandamarri Adilabad
67 Mattapalle 19-Jun-14 Jaipur Adilabad
68 Mamidigattu 20-Jun-14 Mandamarri Adilabad
69 Ankoli 20-Jun-14 Adilabad Adilabad
70 Tantholi 25-Jun-14 Adilabad Adilabad
71 Mundigunta 26-Jun-14 Jaipur Adilabad
72 Pollampally 28-Jun-14 Jaipur Adilabad
73 Jaipur 1-Jul-14 Jaipur Adilabad
74 Narsapur 3-Jul-14 Utnoor Adilabad
75 Arli-B 12-Jul-14 Adilabad Adilabad
76 Machapur 14-Jul-14 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
77 Awadam 14-Jul-14 Nennel Adilabad
78 Landasangi 15-Jul-14 Adilabad Adilabad
79 Tarnam (Tarada) 20-Jul-14 Jainath Adilabad
80 Seetagondi 20-Jul-14 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
81 Wagapur 22-Jul-14 Adilabad Adilabad
82 Dontanpalli 24-Jul-14 Utnoor Adilabad
83 Thosam 25-Jul-14 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
84 Mailaram 26-Jul-14 Nennel Adilabad
85 Gollapalle 26-Jul-14 Nennel Adilabad
86 Kollari 26-Jul-14 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
87 Saalevada (B) 28-Jul-14 Utnoor Adilabad
88 Muthnur 28-Jul-14 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
89 Salewada (K) 28-Jul-14 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
90 Chittapur 31-Jul-14 Nennel Adilabad
91 Shanthapur 2-Aug-14 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
92 Shivvaram 3-Aug-14 Jaipur Adilabad
93 Bidrelly 5-Aug-14 Mudhole Adilabad
94 Doultabad 15-Aug-14 Tanur Adilabad
95 Singangaon 21-Aug-14 Tanur Adilabad
96 Bembar 23-Aug-14 Tanur Adilabad
97 Pardi (B) 5-Sep-14 Jainath Adilabad
98 Lokari 8-Sep-14 Adilabad Adilabad
99 Rampur (B) 10-Sep-14 Indravelly Adilabad
100 Labdi 10-Sep-14 Mudhole Adilabad
101 Kamalapur 15-Sep-14 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
102 Ramai 15-Sep-14 Adilabad Adilabad
103 Jawala (B) 20-Sep-14 Tanur Adilabad
104 Hasnapur 25-Sep-14 Utnoor Adilabad
105 Chinchala 25-Sep-14 Mudhole Adilabad
106 Mangurla 30-Sep-14 Jainath Adilabad
107 Lakkaram 2-Oct-14 Utnoor Adilabad
108 Bheersaipeta 8-Oct-14 Utnoor Adilabad
109 Chandhori 20-Oct-14 Utnoor Adilabad
110 Ghanpur 25-Oct-14 Utnoor Adilabad
111 Bhosi 31-Oct-14 Tanur Adilabad
112 Gunjala 5-Nov-14 Narnoor Adilabad
113 Mahagam 12-Nov-14 Narnoor Adilabad
114 Marlavayi 19-Nov-14 Jainoor Adilabad
115 Umri 26-Nov-14 Narnoor Adilabad
116 Pipri 5-Dec-14 Narnoor Adilabad
117 Mankapur 10-Dec-14 Narnoor Adilabad
118 Lokari-K 15-Dec-14 Narnoor Adilabad
119 Addesara 20-Dec-14 Jainoor Adilabad
120 Khairdhatwa 25-Dec-14 Narnoor Adilabad
121 Arjuni 30-Dec-14 Narnoor Adilabad
122 Dhaba (B) 2-Jan-15 Narnoor Adilabad
123 Dhaboli 10-Jan-15 Jainoor Adilabad
124 Wadgoan 20-Jan-15 Tanur Adilabad
125 Bolsa 25-Jan-15 Tanur Adilabad
126 Hazipur 25-Jan-15 Mancherial Adilabad
127 Takli 28-Jan-15 Mudhole Adilabad
128 Tejapur 17-Mar-15 Indravelly Adilabad
129 Kothapally (H) 29-Mar-15 Narnoor Adilabad
130 Babejhari 5-Apr-15 Narnoor Adilabad
131 Patnapur 7-Apr-15 Jainoor Adilabad
132 Gadiguda 11-Apr-15 Narnoor Adilabad
133 Dongargaon 17-Apr-15 Narnoor Adilabad
134 Pullara 24-Apr-15 Sirpur Adilabad
135 Jamni 3-May-15 Jainoor Adilabad
136 Mallangi 5-May-15 Narnoor Adilabad
137 Netnoor 17-May-15 Sirpur (U) Adilabad
138 Sangvi 24-May-15 Narnoor Adilabad
139 Chorgaon 29-May-15 Narnoor Adilabad
140 Parswada (B) 3-Jul-15 Narnoor Adilabad
141 Sirpoor (U) 5-Jul-15 Sirpur (U) Adilabad
142 Pangidi 2-Aug-15 Sirpur (U) Adilabad
143 Mahagoan 7-Aug-15 Sirpur (U) Adilabad
144 Kothapally [C] 11-Aug-15 Sirpur (U) Adilabad
145 Chorpally 17-Aug-15 Sirpur (U) Adilabad
146 Kanchanpally 24-Aug-15 Sirpur (U) Adilabad
147 Shettyhadpnoor 28-Aug-15 Sirpur (U) Adilabad
148 Sangvi 2-Sep-15 Kerameri Adilabad
149 Kotari 9-Sep-15 Kerameri Adilabad
150 Khairi 18-Sep-15 Kerameri Adilabad
151 Adilabad (Zilla Parishad) 21-Sep-15 Adilabad Adilabad
152 Karanjiwada 24-Sep-15 kerameri Adilabad
153 Anthapur 27-Sep-15 Kerameri Adilabad
154 Komatichenu 24-Oct-15 Kasipet Adilabad
155 Kolama 1-Nov-15 Narnoor Adilabad
156 Khandow 3-Nov-15 Narnoor Adilabad
157 Sonapur 4-Nov-15 Kasipet Adilabad
158 Ushegaom 5-Nov-15 Jainoor Adilabad
159 Gundamamda 5-Nov-15 Jainoor Adilabad
160 Dharmraopet 10-Nov-15 Kasipet Adilabad
161 Konoor 14-Nov-15 Kasipet Adilabad
162 Jainoor 15-Nov-15 Jainoor Adilabad
163 Rasimettu 19-Nov-15 Jainoor Adilabad
164 Sungapur 20-Nov-15 Thiryani Adilabad
165 Kannepalli 20-Nov-15 Thiryani Adilabad
166 Budakhurd 21-Nov-15 Bellampalli Adilabad
167 Budhakalan 21-Nov-15 Bellampalli Adilabad
168 Gambiraopet 22-Nov-15 Thiryani Adilabad
169 Gadalpally 24-Nov-15 Thiryani Adilabad
170 Manikyapur 25-Nov-15 Thiryani Adilabad
171 Thiryani 27-Nov-15 Thiryani Adilabad
172 Kothapally (G) 27-Nov-15 Narnoor Adilabad
173 Mankapur 30-Nov-15 Echoda Adilabad
174 Mannur 2-Dec-15 Gudihathnoor Adilabad
175 Sirikonda 3-Dec-15 Echoda Adilabad
176 Perkapally 5-Dec-15 Bellampalli Adilabad
177 Chincholi (B) 7-Dec-15 Sarangapur Adilabad
178 Kasipet 9-Dec-15 Kasipet Adilabad
179 Sirichamla 9-Dec-15 Echoda Adilabad
180 Mukhara (B) 19-Dec-15 Echoda Adilabad
181 Dharampuri 23-Dec-15 Echoda Adilabad
182 Jamgaon 29-Dec-15 Jainoor Adilabad
183 Malyal 4-Jan-16 Echoda Adilabad
184 Bhuthai 8-Jan-16 Bazarhathnoor Adilabad
185 Gokonda (Chintalasangvi) 14-Jan-16 Bazarhathnoor Adilabad
186 Dehgaon 15-Jan-16 Bazarhathnoor Adilabad
187 Naspur 22-Jan-16 Mancherial Adilabad
188 Singapur 22-Jan-16 Mancherial Adilabad
189 Morkhandi 22-Jan-16 Bazarhathnoor Adilabad
190 Malkepally 26-Jan-16 Kasipet Adilabad
191 Peddanapalli 26-Jan-16 Kasipet Adilabad
192 Theegalpahad 27-Jan-16 Mancherial Adilabad
193 Dharampuri 28-Jan-16 Bazarhathnoor Adilabad
194 Pallamguda 30-Jan-16 Kasipet Adilabad
195 Pangidimadara 4-Feb-16 Thiryani Adilabad
196 Loddiguda 4-Feb-16 Thiryani Adilabad
197 Chandravelly 6-Feb-16 Bellampalli Adilabad
198 Hyderabad 19-Feb-13 Hyderabad Hyderabad
199 Jeelgul 10-Sep-12 Elkathurthy Karimnagar
200 Bornapally 11-Sep-12 Huzurabad Karimnagar
201 Thimmapur 11-Sep-12 Elkathurthy Karimnagar
202 Perkapally 25-Sep-13 V.Saidapur Karimnagar
203 Namilikonda 10-Oct-13 Kodimyala Karimnagar
204 Elgaspur 19-Oct-13 Konaraopeta Karimnagar
205 Thimmapur 19-Oct-13 Chandurthi Karimnagar
206 Mallareddypeta 27-Oct-13 Gambhiraopet Karimnagar
207 Bommareddy palle 26-Dec-13 Dharmaram Karimnagar
208 Samudralingapur 28-Dec-13 Gambhiraopet Karimnagar
209 Maddimalla 2-Jan-14 Yellareddy pet Karimnagar
210 Devikonda 8-Jan-14 Pegadapalle Karimnagar
211 Gundedu 17-Jan-14 Kamalapur Karimnagar
212 Kothapalle 27-Jan-14 Gambhiraopet Karimnagar
213 Gudem 28-Feb-14 Muslabad Karimnagar
214 Laxmajipalli 2-Mar-14 Jammikunta Karimnagar
215 Nagampet 5-Mar-14 Gambhiraopet Karimnagar
216 Kaleshwaram 21-Aug-14 Mahadevpur Karimnagar
217 Metpally 24-Aug-14 Mahadevpur Karimnagar
218 Mallaram 19-Sep-14 Manthani Karimnagar
219 Khansaipeta 19-Sep-14 Manthani Karimnagar
220 Chinnaorala 30-Sep-14 Manthani Karimnagar
221 Aarendha 30-Sep-14 Manthani Karimnagar
222 Khanapur 12-Oct-14 Manthani Karimnagar
223 Uppatla 6-Jan-15 Manthani Karimnagar
224 Nagepalli 19-Jan-15 Manthani Karimnagar
225 Venkatapur 20-Jan-15 Manthani Karimnagar
226 Adavisomanpalli 20-Jan-15 Manthani Karimnagar
227 Jallaram 14-Feb-15 Kamanpur Karimnagar
228 Adivarampeta 20-Feb-15 Muttharam Karimnagar
229 Bhudhavarampeta 21-Feb-15 Muttharam Karimnagar
230 Mydambanda 28-Feb-15 Muttharam Karimnagar
231 Muttharam 28-Feb-15 Muttharam Karimnagar
232 Adivisrirampur 28-Feb-15 Muttharam Karimnagar
233 Kanagarthi 24-Mar-15 Odela Karimnagar
234 Sabitham 4-Apr-15 Peddapalli Karimnagar
235 Appannapet 4-Apr-15 Peddapalli Karimnagar
236 Upparapalli 10-Apr-15 Odela Karimnagar
237 Koppur 1-Jul-15 Bheemadevarapally Karimnagar
238 Musthafapur 1-Jul-15 Bheemadevarapally Karimnagar
239 Kesavapatnam 20-Jul-15 Shankarampet Karimnagar
240 Kothapally 25-Jul-15 Bheemadevarapally Karimnagar
241 Suraram 30-Jul-15 Elkathurthy Karimnagar
242 Bheemadevarapally 31-Jul-15 Bheemadevarapally Karimnagar
243 Ramnagar 22-Aug-15 Bheemadevarapally Karimnagar
244 Muttaram 22-Aug-15 Bheemadevarapally Karimnagar
245 Raikal 26-Aug-15 Saidapur Karimnagar
246 Ratnagiri 27-Aug-15 Bheemadevarapally Karimnagar
247 Elkaturthy 29-Aug-15 Elkathurthy Karimnagar
248 Rangaiahpally 29-Aug-15 Bheemadevarapally Karimnagar
249 Bollonipally 20-Sep-15 Bheemadevarapally Karimnagar
250 Bheempalli 23-Sep-15 kamalapur Karimnagar
251 Kothagattu 5-Oct-15 Shankarapatnam Karimnagar
252 Kannur 5-Oct-15 Kamalapur Karimnagar
253 Chintalapally 12-Oct-15 Elkathurthy Karimnagar
254 Ambalpur 12-Oct-15 Shankarapatnam Karimnagar
255 Nerella 15-Oct-15 kamalapur Karimnagar
256 Rayapatnamu 26-Oct-15 Dharmapuri Karimnagar
257 Gopulapur 26-Oct-15 Dharmapuri Karimnagar
258 Rangaraopet 27-Oct-15 Metpally Karimnagar
259 Metlachittapur 27-Oct-15 Metpally Karimnagar
260 Mallareddypally 28-Oct-15 Metpally Karimnagar
261 Sirisilla (Municipality) 31-Oct-15 Sirisilla Karimnagar
262 Lakkaram 3-Nov-15 Muttharam Karimnagar
263 Perapalli 5-Nov-15 Kamanpur Karimnagar
264 Macchupeta 6-Nov-15 Muttharam Karimnagar
265 Donthapur 10-Nov-15 Dharmapuri Karimnagar
266 Kannala 13-Nov-15 Kamanpur Karimnagar
267 Manakondur (MPP) 13-Nov-15 Manakondur Karimnagar
268 Ladnapur 14-Nov-15 Muttharam Karimnagar
269 Nerella 19-Nov-15 Dharmapuri Karimnagar
270 Thadikal 20-Nov-15 Shankarapatnam Karimnagar
271 Valbapur 20-Nov-15 Elkathurthy Karimnagar
272 Guniparthy 23-Nov-15 kamalapur Karimnagar
273 Jaina 26-Nov-15 Dharmapuri Karimnagar
274 Lingapur 26-Nov-15 Manakondur Karimnagar
275 Gundaram 4-Dec-15 Kamanpur Karimnagar
276 Kishtampet 16-Dec-15 Manakondur Karimnagar
277 Elabaka 22-Dec-15 Veenavanka Karimnagar
278 Jaggayyapally 22-Dec-15 Manakondur Karimnagar
279 Rangapeta 23-Dec-15 Manakondur Karimnagar
280 Vegurupally 28-Dec-15 Manakondur Karimnagar
281 Reddypally 3-Jan-16 Veenavanka Karimnagar
282 Nittur 25-Jan-16 Peddapalli Karimnagar
283 Ratnapur 26-Jan-16 Kamanpur Karimnagar
284 Kunaram 17-Feb-16 Kalwasrirampur Karimnagar
285 Surayyapalli 24-Mar-16 Manthani Karimnagar
286 Kotalingala 23-Aug-13 Kamepalli Khammam
287 Kothalingala 23-Aug-13 Kamepalli Khammam
288 Jillacheruvu 9-Oct-13 Kusumanchi Khammam
289 PeddaMunagala 10-Oct-13 Konijerla Khammam
290 Vinobhanagar 10-Oct-13 Julurupadu Khammam
291 Rajaram 10-Oct-13 Tirumalayapalem Khammam
292 Rajalingala 11-Oct-13 Enkoor Khammam
293 Kommugudem 24-Jan-14 Julurupadu Khammam
294 Padamata Narsapuram 29-Jan-14 Julurupadu Khammam
295 Pentlam 1-Feb-14 Chandrugonda Khammam
296 Kamanchikal 14-Mar-14 Khammam Rural Khammam
297 Kondapuram 17-Mar-14 Khammam Rural Khammam
298 Raghunadhapalem 18-Mar-14 Raghunadhapalem Khammam
299 Chowtapalle 19-Mar-14 Kusumanchi Khammam
300 Regulachilaka 22-Apr-14 Raghunadhapalem Khammam
301 Somavaram 25-Apr-14 Wyra Khammam
302 Muthagudem 26-Apr-14 Khammam Rural Khammam
303 Koyachilaka 27-Apr-14 Raghunadhapalem Khammam
304 Tatipudi 6-May-14 Wyra Khammam
305 Siripuram 8-May-14 Wyra Khammam
306 Lingagudem 12-May-14 Konijerla Khammam
307 Arekodu 15-May-14 Khammam Rural Khammam
308 Chintapalli 11-Jun-14 Khammam Khammam
309 Ammapalem 15-Jun-14 Konijerla Khammam
310 Budidampadu 19-Jun-14 Raghunadhapalem Khammam
311 Shivaigudem 20-Jun-14 Raghunadhapalem Khammam
312 Maddulapalli 4-Jul-14 Kamepalli Khammam
313 Chennur 4-Jul-14 Kalluru Khammam
314 Solipuram 6-Jul-14 Tirumalayapalem Khammam
315 Mugguvenkatapuram 7-Jul-14 Kalluru Khammam
316 Kapten Banjara 11-Jul-14 Kamepalli Khammam
317 Gokavaram 14-Jul-14 Kalluru Khammam
318 Mucharla 15-Jul-14 Kamepalli Khammam
319 Chandrupatla 21-Jul-14 Kalluru Khammam
320 Raghunadhagudem 5-Aug-14 Kalluru Khammam
321 Gaigollapally 8-Aug-14 Kusumanchi Khammam
322 Batthulapalli 11-Aug-14 Kalluru Khammam
323 Gattusingavaram 12-Aug-14 Kusumanchi Khammam
324 Basith Nagar 15-Aug-14 Kamepalli Khammam
325 Vachyanayaktanda 18-Aug-14 Kalluru Khammam
326 Painampally 20-Aug-14 Nelakondapally Khammam
327 Yedugurallapalle 22-Aug-14 Chinturu Khammam
328 Timminenipalem 1-Sep-14 Chintakani Khammam
329 Laxmipuram 2-Sep-14 badrachalam Khammam
330 Gollapadu 7-Sep-14 Khammam Rural Khammam
331 Muthyalagudem 8-Sep-14 Kusumanchi Khammam
332 Jagannadhapuram 8-Sep-14 Chintakani Khammam
333 Polepally 10-Sep-14 Khammam Rural Khammam
334 Chinnakorukondi 15-Sep-14 Kalluru Khammam
335 Chintagudem 22-Sep-14 Penubally Khammam
336 Rajeshwarapuram 6-Oct-14 Nelakondapally Khammam
337 Kasnatanda 7-Oct-14 Khammam Rural Khammam
338 Gangadevipadu 9-Oct-14 Penubally Khammam
339 Mudigonda 12-Oct-14 Mudigonda Khammam
340 Tekulapally 15-Oct-14 Penubally Khammam
341 Jallepalli 16-Oct-14 Tirumalayapalem Khammam
342 Taallapenta 21-Oct-14 Penubally Khammam
343 Kuppenakuntla 27-Oct-14 Penubally Khammam
344 Nelaptalu 3-Nov-14 Kusumanchi Khammam
345 Nuthanakallu 3-Nov-14 Tallada Khammam
346 Papatapalli 4-Nov-14 Raghunadhapalem Khammam
347 Gokinepalli 5-Nov-14 Mudigonda Khammam
348 Bayyannagudem 10-Nov-14 Penubally Khammam
349 Gudimalla 12-Nov-14 Khammam Rural Khammam
350 Thummalapalli 17-Nov-14 Penubally Khammam
351 Vengannapeta 24-Nov-14 Tallada Khammam
352 Mittapally 28-Nov-14 Tallada Khammam
353 Kottha Kotthuru 2-Dec-14 Nelakondapally Khammam
354 Cheruvumadharam 3-Dec-14 Nelakondapally Khammam
355 Suvarnapuram 5-Dec-14 Mudigonda Khammam
356 Ravinuthala 8-Dec-14 Bonakal Khammam
357 Pinapaka 10-Dec-14 Tallada Khammam
358 Kodhumuru 12-Dec-14 Chintakani Khammam
359 Markodu 2-Jan-15 Gundala Khammam
360 Tadikalapudi 5-Jan-15 Tekulapalli Khammam
361 Sudimalla 6-Jan-15 Yellandu Khammam
362 Giddavarigudem 8-Jan-15 Singareni Khammam
363 Kakarlapalli 12-Jan-15 Sattupalli Khammam
364 Kesupalli 13-Jan-15 Enkoor Khammam
365 Bhavanapalem 21-Jan-15 Penubally Khammam
366 Kotha Vekatagiri 23-Jan-15 Tallada Khammam
367 Annarugudem 26-Jan-15 Tallada Khammam
368 Pedamidisileru 2-Feb-15 Charla Khammam
369 Brahmallakunta 3-Feb-15 Penubally Khammam
370 Elchireddypalli 4-Feb-15 Pinapaka Khammam
371 Irsulapuram 9-Feb-15 Bayyaram Khammam
372 New Laxmipuram 10-Feb-15 Mudigonda Khammam
373 Manikyaram 17-Feb-15 Yellandu Khammam
374 Paleru 19-Feb-15 Palair Khammam
375 Gundala 6-Mar-15 Gundala Khammam
376 Polaram 8-Mar-15 Yellandu Khammam
377 Billupadu 10-Mar-15 Tallada Khammam
378 Anasagaram 10-Mar-15 Nelakondapally Khammam
379 Relakayalapalli 11-Mar-15 Singareni Khammam
380 Gowraram 12-Mar-15 Bayyaram Khammam
381 Pulluru 13-Mar-15 Garla Khammam
382 Mallavaram 16-Mar-15 Tallada Khammam
383 Thallada 20-Mar-15 Tallada Khammam
384 Gollagudem 20-Mar-15 Tallada Khammam
385 Penubally 27-Mar-15 Penubally Khammam
386 Cherukupalli 5-Apr-15 Sattupalli Khammam
387 Kistaram 10-Apr-15 Sattupalli Khammam
388 Gangaram 14-Apr-15 Sattupalli Khammam
389 Ramachandrapuram 20-Apr-15 Bayyaram Khammam
390 Telagavaram 20-Apr-15 Tallada Khammam
391 Mujjugudem 24-Apr-15 Nelakondapally Khammam
392 Rajarla 24-Apr-15 Tallada Khammam
393 Pammi 25-Apr-15 Mudigonda Khammam
394 Rangambanjaru 30-Apr-15 Tallada Khammam
395 Sheripuram 4-May-15 Garla Khammam
396 Madharam 12-May-15 Singareni Khammam
397 Rompaid 28-May-15 Yellandu Khammam
398 Payapur 1-Jun-15 Kalluru Khammam
399 Gopalapeta 6-Jun-15 Tallada Khammam
400 R.Kothagudem 8-Jun-15 Charla Khammam
401 Chinthakani 8-Jun-15 Chintakani Khammam
402 Dendukuru 10-Jun-15 Madhira Khammam
403 Kothapalem 11-Jun-15 Yerrupalem Khammam
404 Bhagyanagartanda 11-Jun-15 Singareni Khammam
405 Peruru 12-Jun-15 Wazedu Khammam
406 Nereda 12-Jun-15 Chintakani Khammam
407 Komminepalli 12-Jun-15 Kamepalli Khammam
408 Bittupalli 13-Jun-15 Pinapaka Khammam
409 Ramanujavaram 18-Jun-15 Manuguru Khammam
410 Lingala 18-Jun-15 Kalluru Khammam
411 Jedjarlapalli 19-Jun-15 Wazedu Khammam
412 Narayanapuram 22-Jun-15 Kalluru Khammam
413 Mahmadapuram 23-Jun-15 Tirumalayapalem Khammam
414 Motapuram 24-Jun-15 Nelakondapally Khammam
415 Subbampeta 25-Jun-15 Charla Khammam
416 Karkagudem 26-Jun-15 Pinapaka Khammam
417 Korlagudem 26-Jun-15 Kalluru Khammam
418 Chirumarri 1-Jul-15 Mudigonda Khammam
419 Vootkur 2-Jul-15 Kamepalli Khammam
420 Peddakorukonda 4-Jul-15 Kalluru Khammam
421 Tellampadu 13-Jul-15 Khammam Rural Khammam
422 Madhira (Municipality) 14-Jul-15 Madhira Khammam
423 Tallagudem 17-Jul-15 Kamepalli Khammam
424 Yerrupalem 19-Jul-15 Yerrupalem Khammam
425 Adasarlapadu 21-Jul-15 vemsuru Khammam
426 Perupalli 22-Jul-15 Singareni Khammam
427 Ramannapalem 24-Jul-15 vemsuru Khammam
428 Yagnanarayanapuram 25-Jul-15 Kalluru Khammam
429 Challasamudram 27-Jul-15 Yellandu Khammam
430 Ganeshanpadu 29-Jul-15 Penubally Khammam
431 Marlakunta 30-Jul-15 Penubally Khammam
432 Chandrytanda 5-Aug-15 Tirumalayapalem Khammam
433 Samithisingaram 7-Aug-15 Manuguru Khammam
434 Mandalapadu 12-Aug-15 Penubally Khammam
435 Yerraguntapadu 13-Aug-15 vemsuru Khammam
436 V.Venkatapuram 14-Aug-15 vemsuru Khammam
437 Vippalamadaka 17-Aug-15 Wyra Khammam
438 Narsimhulagudem 18-Aug-15 Kusumanchi Khammam
439 Yathalakunta 19-Aug-15 Sattupalli Khammam
440 Lankapally 20-Aug-15 Penubally Khammam
441 Pallewada 24-Aug-15 vemsuru Khammam
442 Gatekarepalli 3-Sep-15 Karepalli Khammam
443 Beerpally 9-Sep-15 vemsuru Khammam
444 Kondegatla Mallela 14-Sep-15 vemsuru Khammam
445 Haripirala 15-Sep-15 Torrur Khammam
446 Govindapuram (A) 18-Sep-15 Bonakal Khammam
447 Chinnaguduru 19-Sep-15 Maripeda Khammam
448 Manubothulagadda 23-Sep-15 Khanapuram Khammam
449 Kalluru 24-Sep-15 Kalluru Khammam
450 Allapadu 26-Sep-15 Bonakal Khammam
451 Rajapalli 29-Sep-15 Narsampet Khammam
452 Nachepally 15-Oct-15 Nelakondapally Khammam
453 Munigepalli 18-Oct-15 Kusumanchi Khammam
454 Vangaveedu 20-Oct-15 Madhira Khammam
455 Vallapuram 21-Oct-15 Mudigonda Khammam
456 Ayyavarigudem 23-Oct-15 Errupalem Khammam
457 Kondrupadu 24-Oct-15 Penubally Khammam
458 Mangalagudem 25-Oct-15 Khammam Rural Khammam
459 Kotha Karayigudem 26-Oct-15 Penubally Khammam
460 Patha Karayigudem 28-Oct-15 Penubally Khammam
461 Vennavalli 31-Oct-15 Kalluru Khammam
462 Kunchaparthy 3-Nov-15 vemsuru Khammam
463 Daraveedu 9-Nov-15 Khammam Rural Khammam
464 Tanagampagu 10-Nov-15 Khammam Rural Khammam
465 Gowraram 14-Nov-15 Penubally Khammam
466 Chintagurthi 16-Nov-15 Raghunadhapalem Khammam
467 Ramachandraraobanjara 16-Nov-15 Penubally Khammam
468 Edullacheruvu 17-Nov-15 Tirumalayapalem Khammam
469 Telagavaram 17-Nov-15 Kalluru Khammam
470 Jasthipally 18-Nov-15 Kamepalli Khammam
471 Lingapalem 18-Nov-15 vemsuru Khammam
472 Venkatapuram 20-Nov-15 Mudigonda Khammam
473 Mustikuntla 23-Nov-15 Bonakal Khammam
474 Chandrugonda 25-Nov-15 Chandrugonda Khammam
475 Bonakal 26-Nov-15 Bonakal Khammam
476 Chirunomula 30-Nov-15 Bonakal Khammam
477 Chinnabheerapally 15-Dec-15 Bonakal Khammam
478 Janakipuram 17-Dec-15 Bonakal Khammam
479 kalakota 19-Dec-15 Bonakal Khammam
480 Rapally 22-Dec-15 Bonakal Khammam
481 Rayannapeta 28-Dec-15 Bonakal Khammam
482 Brahmanapally 29-Dec-15 Bonakal Khammam
483 Motamarri 30-Dec-15 Bonakal Khammam
484 Laxmipuram 4-Jan-16 Bonakal Khammam
485 V.Venkatayapalem 8-Jan-16 Raghunadhapalem Khammam
486 Hasnabad 10-Jan-16 Tirumalayapalem Khammam
487 Kamalapuram 12-Jan-16 Mudigonda Khammam
488 Peddabheerapalli 12-Jan-16 Bonakal Khammam
489 Dammaigudem 13-Jan-16 Tirumalayapalem Khammam
490 Appalanarasimhapuram 18-Jan-16 Nelakondapally Khammam
491 Jakkepally 19-Jan-16 Kusumanchi Khammam
492 Ramapuram 21-Jan-16 Bonakal Khammam
493 Ammagudem 24-Jan-16 Nelakondapally Khammam
494 Sathanigudem 25-Jan-16 Kamepalli Khammam
495 Medipally 26-Jan-16 Mudigonda Khammam
496 Manchukonda 27-Jan-16 Raghunadhapalem Khammam
497 Gogirapadutanda 28-Jan-16 Kusumanchi Khammam
498 Didugupadu 8-Feb-16 Madhira Khammam
499 Meenavolu 9-Feb-16 Yerrupalem Khammam
500 Gollagudem 11-Feb-16 Ashwarupam Khammam
501 Yerugatla 12-Feb-16 Penubally Khammam
502 Mondikunta 15-Feb-16 Ashwarupam Khammam
503 Edlabanjara 15-Feb-16 Penubally Khammam
504 Mallaram 16-Feb-16 Madhira Khammam
505 Garlapadu 18-Feb-16 Bonakal Khammam
506 Raagaboyinagudem 19-Feb-16 Yellandu Khammam
507 Thutikuntla 25-Feb-16 Bonakal Khammam
508 Pochavaram 26-Feb-16 Kalluru Khammam
509 Talluru Venkatapuram 27-Feb-16 Kalluru Khammam
510 Amarchinta 21-May-08 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
511 Kothakota 17-May-11 Kothakota Mahaboobnagar
512 Madhavanipally 31-Jul-11 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
513 Bhootpur 22-Mar-12 Boothpur Mahaboobnagar
514 Velkicharla 25-Mar-12 Boothpur Mahaboobnagar
515 Thummanpet 3-Apr-12 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
516 Chinna Kotha Pally 14-Apr-12 Kollapur Mahaboobnagar
517 Jinukunta 20-Apr-12 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
518 Burhanpoor 16-May-12 Bomraspet Mahaboobnagar
519 Regadi Mylaram 18-May-12 Bomraspet Mahaboobnagar
520 Thippareddypally 28-May-12 Vangoor Mahaboobnagar
521 Vatverlapally 25-Jun-12 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
522 Bogatpally 26-Jun-12 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
523 Laxmapur 27-Jun-12 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
524 Vattem 5-Aug-12 Bijinapalle Mahaboobnagar
525 Manganur 3-Nov-12 Bijinapalle Mahaboobnagar
526 Boyalagudem 7-Nov-13 Ghattu Mahaboobnagar
527 Chedurupally 30-Nov-13 Veldanda Mahaboobnagar
528 Pallerla 11-Dec-13 Maddur Mahaboobnagar
529 Thimmapuram 20-Dec-13 Itikayala Mahaboobnagar
530 Ananthapuram 20-Dec-13 Gadwal Mahaboobnagar
531 Gudimankanpalli 20-Dec-13 Damargidda Mahaboobnagar
532 Kurthiraval cheruvu 23-Dec-13 Maldakal Mahaboobnagar
533 Charakonda 24-Dec-13 Vangoor Mahaboobnagar
534 Kajipur 24-Dec-13 Maddur Mahaboobnagar
535 Eklaspur 26-Dec-13 Ieeja Mahaboobnagar
536 Vasudevpur 19-Jan-14 Amangal Mahaboobnagar
537 Urkonda 20-Jan-14 Midjil Mahaboobnagar
538 Angadi Raichur 23-Jan-14 Kodangal Mahaboobnagar
539 Pragatoor 26-Jan-14 Alampur Mahaboobnagar
540 Jangam Reddypally 27-Jan-14 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
541 Lingotam 7-Mar-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
542 Rangapur 10-Mar-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
543 Chandapur 12-Mar-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
544 Karkalpahad 15-Mar-14 Amangal Mahaboobnagar
545 Siddapoor 16-Mar-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
546 Kothakuntapalli 3-Jun-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
547 Inole 6-Jun-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
548 Bommapally 8-Jun-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
549 Chennaram 9-Jun-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
550 Laxmipalli 9-Jun-14 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
551 Laxmapur B.K. 10-Jun-14 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
552 Mannanur 12-Jun-14 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
553 Venkateshwarala Bavi 14-Jun-14 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
554 Rayavaram 15-Jun-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
555 Turkapally 16-Jun-14 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
556 Gumpanpalle 18-Jun-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
557 Macharam 19-Jun-14 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
558 Banala 8-Jul-14 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
559 Uyyalawada 13-Jul-14 Nagarkurnool Mahaboobnagar
560 Dhavaram 13-Jul-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
561 Soorapur 18-Jul-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
562 Vanapatla 20-Jul-14 Nagarkurnool Mahaboobnagar
563 Chinamuddanoor 25-Jul-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
564 kaarvanga 26-Jul-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
565 Gaggalapally 27-Jul-14 Nagarkurnool Mahaboobnagar
566 Gaddampally 29-Jul-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
567 Achampet (MPP) 2-Aug-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
568 Jeelgupalli 3-Aug-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
569 Thadoor 8-Aug-14 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
570 Ananthasagar 14-Aug-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
571 Gowreddypalli 28-Aug-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
572 Peddapalli 30-Aug-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
573 Palkapalli 2-Sep-14 Achampet mahaboobnagar
574 Komatikuntla 5-Sep-14 Lingala mahaboobnagar
575 Chowtpalli 8-Sep-14 Achampet mahaboobnagar
576 Ananthavaram 10-Sep-14 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
577 Vallabhapur 13-Sep-14 Lingala mahaboobnagar
578 Palem 17-Sep-14 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
579 Manthati 24-Sep-14 Nagarkurnool Mahaboobnagar
580 Boppally 29-Sep-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
581 Eppalapalli 3-Oct-14 Amrabad mahaboobnagar
582 Chitlamkunta 8-Oct-14 Amrabad mahaboobnagar
583 Laknaram 8-Oct-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
584 Padara 13-Oct-14 Amrabad mahaboobnagar
585 Puljala 14-Oct-14 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
586 Gattunellikuduru 15-Oct-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
587 Vankeshwaram 18-Oct-14 Amrabad mahaboobnagar
588 Dasupalli 19-Oct-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
589 Jamistapur 28-Oct-14 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
590 Godal 3-Nov-14 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
591 Chennampally 9-Nov-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
592 Chennaram 15-Nov-14 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
593 Avusalikunta 20-Nov-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
594 Lakshmapur (PG) 25-Nov-14 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
595 Dasarlapally 30-Nov-14 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
596 Ambatpally 7-Dec-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
597 Appayipally 12-Dec-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
598 Polisettipally 20-Dec-14 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
599 Sainapeta 24-Dec-14 Lingala Mahaboobnagar
600 Golagundam 18-Jan-15 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
601 Deshietikyala 23-Jan-15 Nagarkurnool Mahaboobnagar
602 Telkapally (MPP) 31-Jan-15 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
603 Marripally 3-Feb-15 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
604 Mamillapalle 8-Feb-15 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
605 Dindichinthalapalle 13-Feb-15 Vangoor Mahaboobnagar
606 Udimilla 17-Feb-15 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
607 Koratical 21-Feb-15 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
608 Peddapur 25-Feb-15 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
609 Sarvareddypally 3-Mar-15 vangoor Mahaboobnagar
610 Gattuthumman 8-Mar-15 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
611 Uppununthala 10-Mar-15 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
612 Turkalapalli 15-Mar-15 vangoor Mahaboobnagar
613 Singaram 18-Mar-15 Achampet Mahaboobnagar
614 Zapthisadagode 20-Mar-15 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
615 Kamsanipally 3-Apr-15 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
616 Mahabubnagar (MPP) 7-Apr-15 Mahabubnagar Mahaboobnagar
617 Amrabad 8-Apr-15 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
618 Wanaparthy 11-Apr-15 wanaparthy Mahaboobnagar
619 Piratvanipally 12-Apr-15 Uppununthala Mahaboobnagar
620 Bijinapally (MPP) 15-Apr-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
621 Thimmaipally 16-Apr-15 vangoor Mahaboobnagar
622 Thummalapally 20-Apr-15 vangoor Mahaboobnagar
623 Allipur 21-Apr-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
624 Kondareddypally 25-Apr-15 vangoor Mahaboobnagar
625 Mammaypally 28-Apr-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
626 Gangaramu 30-Apr-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
627 Naddigadda 10-May-15 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
628 Telkapally 12-May-15 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
629 Aleru 15-May-15 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
630 Gowthampally 18-May-15 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
631 Tallapally 20-May-15 Tallapally Mahaboobnagar
632 Vattipally 31-May-15 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
633 Gowraram 5-Jun-15 Telkapally Mahaboobnagar
634 Manigilla 15-Jul-15 Peddamandhadi Mahaboobnagar
635 Achutapur 17-Jul-15 wanaparthy Mahaboobnagar
636 Peddamandadi 18-Jul-15 Peddamandhadi Mahaboobnagar
637 Jaganthpalli 19-Jul-15 Peddamandhadi Mahaboobnagar
638 Dodaguntapalli 24-Jul-15 Peddamandhadi Mahaboobnagar
639 Kanayapalli 29-Jul-15 Kothakota Mahaboobnagar
640 Polmuru 31-Jul-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
641 Masthipur 24-Aug-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
642 Singampet 27-Aug-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
643 Pamreddypally 28-Aug-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
644 Mulamalla 28-Aug-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
645 Khanapur 30-Aug-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
646 Jurala 31-Aug-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
647 Veeraipalle 4-Sep-15 Peddamandhadi Mahaboobnagar
648 Bhalanpally 7-Sep-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
649 Ghanapuram 9-Sep-15 Ghanapuram Mahaboobnagar
650 Allipur 13-Sep-15 Chinna Chintakunta Mahaboobnagar
651 Maradugu 16-Sep-15 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
652 Tirumalapur (B.K) 16-Sep-15 Amrabad Mahaboobnagar
653 Undyala 18-Sep-15 Chinna Chintakunta Mahaboobnagar
654 Chinna Chintakunta 22-Sep-15 Chinna Chintakunta Mahaboobnagar
655 Rajapet 22-Sep-15 wanaparthy Mahaboobnagar
656 Guduru 26-Sep-15 Chinna Chintakunta Mahaboobnagar
657 Maddur 26-Sep-15 Chinna Chintakunta Mahaboobnagar
658 Kurumurthy 30-Sep-15 Chinna Chintakunta Mahaboobnagar
659 Pinnamcherla 12-Oct-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
660 Nagalkudumur 20-Oct-15 Narva Mahaboobnagar
661 Karukonda 20-Oct-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
662 Chimanaguntapally 20-Oct-15 wanaparthy Mahaboobnagar
663 Pebbair (MPP) 23-Oct-15 Pebbair Mahaboobnagar
664 Chandragad 27-Oct-15 Narva Mahaboobnagar
665 Lingasanipalli 27-Oct-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
666 Earladinne 30-Oct-15 Narva Mahaboobnagar
667 Mittanandimalla 31-Oct-15 Narva Mahaboobnagar
668 Bekkarpally (Nagireddypally) 31-Oct-15 Narva Mahaboobnagar
669 Shayinipally 31-Oct-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
670 Mahadevunipeta 3-Nov-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
671 Maddigatla 4-Nov-15 Peddamandhadi Mahaboobnagar
672 Avurasipally 6-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
673 Gundlanarva 7-Nov-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
674 Sripuram 7-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
675 Bijinapally 9-Nov-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
676 Thudukurthi 9-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
677 Ganyagula 9-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
678 Bondalapally 13-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
679 Peddamuddunoor 13-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
680 Khanapur 14-Nov-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
681 Pulijala 14-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
682 Malkapur 14-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
683 Nallavelly 15-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
684 Yendabetla 16-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
685 Naganool 16-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
686 Peddapur 17-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
687 Gudipally 17-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
688 Chandubatla 18-Nov-15 Nagarkarnool Mahaboobnagar
689 Edirepally 19-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
690 Appajipally 19-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
691 Ammapally 20-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
692 Nerallapally 21-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
693 Marepally 21-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
694 Gummakonda 22-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
695 Indrakal 22-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
696 Tummalasuguru 22-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
697 Pullagiri 23-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
698 Medipur 23-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
699 Antharam 23-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
700 Chegunta 24-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
701 Yadireddypally 24-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
702 Allapur 24-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
703 Salkarpeta 25-Nov-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
704 Gowraram 25-Nov-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
705 Kummera 26-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
706 Charlatirmalapur 26-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
707 Vasanthapur 27-Nov-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
708 Polepally 27-Nov-15 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
709 Aitholu 27-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
710 Gunthakoduru 27-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
711 Bavajipally 28-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
712 Govindayapally 28-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
713 Papagal 28-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
714 Sirsawada 29-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
715 Aakunellikuduru 29-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
716 Thimmajipet 30-Nov-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
717 Yathmathapur 30-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
718 Charlaitikyala 30-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
719 Tadur 30-Nov-15 Tadur Mahaboobnagar
720 Kodhuparthi 2-Dec-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
721 Konda Reddy 3-Dec-15 Balmoor Mahaboobnagar
722 Marikal 3-Dec-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
723 Bhuddasamudram 5-Dec-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
724 Avancha 5-Dec-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
725 Rallacheruvutanda 7-Dec-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
726 Gorita 8-Dec-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
727 Ippalapally 11-Dec-15 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
728 Motlampally 28-Dec-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
729 Guntipally 29-Dec-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
730 Katthepally 30-Dec-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
731 Thumpally 30-Dec-15 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
732 Nandimalla cross Road 2-Jan-16 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
733 Nandimalla 2-Jan-16 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
734 Arepally 9-Jan-16 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
735 Lattupally 20-Jan-16 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
736 Velugonda 20-Jan-16 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
737 Thippadampally 22-Jan-16 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
738 Medapally 23-Jan-16 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
739 Devarpally 23-Jan-16 Atmakur Mahaboobnagar
740 Rampuram 27-Jan-16 Narva Mahaboobnagar
741 Kumarlingampally 28-Jan-16 Narva Mahaboobnagar
742 Phareedpur 5-Feb-16 Chinna Chintakunta Mahaboobnagar
743 Vattem 8-Feb-16 Bijinapalli Mahaboobnagar
744 Nellikonda 9-Feb-16 Chinna Chintakunta Mahaboobnagar
745 Pothireddypalli 10-Feb-16 Thimmajipet Mahaboobnagar
746 Lalkota 16-Feb-16 Chinna Chintakunta Mahaboobnagar
747 Dharmapur 20-Feb-16 Mahabubnagar Mahaboobnagar
748 Oblaipally 24-Feb-16 Mahabubnagar Mahaboobnagar
749 Kotakadra 29-Feb-16 Mahabubnagar Mahaboobnagar
750 Sheripally 14-Dec-11 Chinna Shankarampeta Medak
751 Nagadhar 22-Jul-12 Kalher Medak
752 Krishnapur 23-Jul-12 Kalher Medak
753 Kadpal 25-Jul-12 Kalher Medak
754 Sirgapur 26-Jul-12 Kalher Medak
755 Mardi 27-Jul-12 Kalher Medak
756 Anthargav 31-Jul-12 Kalher Medak
757 Raparthi 25-Sep-12 Kalher Medak
758 Masanpalli 4-Sep-13 Kalher Medak
759 Kukatpalle 11-Sep-13 Kowdipally Medak
760 Kusunoor 13-Sep-13 Raikode Medak
761 Settipalle Kalan 25-Sep-13 Narsapur Medak
762 Chelmeda(Kurdu) 26-Sep-13 Munipally Medak
763 Warihuntham 3-Oct-13 Kolcharam Medak
764 Angadi Kistapur 15-Oct-13 Jagadevpur Medak
765 Kamjipur 30-Oct-13 Narayankhed Medak
766 Padipally 3-Mar-14 Narayankhed Medak
767 Ramayampet 6-Mar-14 Ramayampet Medak
768 Kamalapur 16-Mar-14 Manoor Medak
769 Nijampet 7-May-14 Narayankhed Medak
770 Kalher 20-May-14 Kalher Medak
771 Bachepalli 26-May-14 Kalher Medak
772 Krishnapur 31-May-14 Krishnapur Medak
773 Pochapur 6-Jun-14 Kalher Medak
774 Rayalamadugu 15-Jun-14 Narayankhed Medak
775 Jukal 18-Jun-14 Narayankhed Medak
776 Gollapally 19-Jun-14 Jagadevpur Medak
777 Rayavaram 21-Jun-14 Jagadevpur Medak
778 Yerravalli 24-Jun-14 Jagadevpur Medak
779 Thimmapur 25-Jun-14 Jagadevpur Medak
780 Namilapet 26-Jun-14 Narayankhed Medak
781 Varadarajpur 26-Jun-14 Jagadevpur Medak
782 Chebarthi 27-Jun-14 Jagadevpur Medak
783 B.G.Venkatapur 27-Jun-14 Jagadevpur Medak
784 Alirajapet 28-Jun-14 Jagadevpur Medak
785 Narsapur 5-Jul-14 Narayanpet Medak
786 Kondapur 29-Jul-14 Shankarampet Medak
787 Kamalapur 29-Jul-14 Shankarampet Medak
788 Cheelapalli 5-Aug-14 Shankarampet Medak
789 Malkapur 12-Aug-14 Shankarampet Medak
790 Etakyala 14-Aug-14 Jagadevapur Medak
791 Bujaranpally 18-Aug-14 Shankarampet Medak
792 Jagadeevapur 20-Aug-14 Jagadevpur Medak
793 Moosapet 24-Aug-14 Shankarampet Medak
794 Vattipalli 24-Aug-14 Jagadevpur Medak
795 Hanmanthraopet 25-Aug-14 Narayankhed Medak
796 Shankarampet 26-Aug-14 Shankarampet Medak
797 Munigadapa 30-Aug-14 Jagadevpur Medak
798 Baddharam 5-Sep-14 Shankarampet Medak
799 Gangapur 9-Sep-14 Shankarampet Medak
800 Gottimukkula 12-Sep-14 Shankarampet Medak
801 Rykal 17-Sep-14 Shankarampet Medak
802 Dowlapur 24-Sep-14 Jagadevpur Medak
803 Burugupalle 30-Sep-14 Gadwal Medak
804 Akkaram 6-Oct-14 Gadwal Medak
805 Teegul 11-Oct-14 Jagadevpur Medak
806 Anantharaopalli 17-Oct-14 Gadwal Medak
807 Dhacharam 25-Oct-14 Gadwal Medak
808 Venkatraopet 26-Oct-14 Alladudurg Medak
809 Jagiryala 29-Oct-14 Regode Medak
810 R.Etikyala 30-Oct-14 Regode Medak
811 Regode 31-Oct-14 Regode Medak
812 Dudyal 11-Nov-14 Regode Medak
813 Kothvanpally 15-Nov-14 Regode Medak
814 Dosapally 18-Nov-14 Regode Medak
815 Rampur 25-Nov-14 Alladurga Medak
816 Appajipally 1-Dec-14 Alladurgam Medak
817 T.Lingampalli 3-Dec-14 Regode Medak
818 Gajawada 12-Dec-14 Regode Medak
819 Kaidampally 15-Dec-14 Alladurgam Medak
820 Chowdarpalli 24-Dec-14 Regode Medak
821 Khadirabad 28-Dec-14 Regode Medak
822 Peddapur 31-Dec-14 Sadashivapet Medak
823 Singatam 17-Jan-15 Gadwal Medak
824 Munigepalle 18-Jan-15 Kalher Medak
825 Kothapet 21-Jan-15 Shankarampet Medak
826 Shivaru Venkatapur 22-Jan-15 Jagadevpur Medak
827 Alladurgam 22-Jan-15 Alladurgam Medak
828 Madwar 24-Jan-15 Narayankhed Medak
829 Bibipet 28-Jan-15 Kalher Medak
830 Guntipalli 29-Jan-15 Vargal Medak
831 Sanjeevanraopeta 30-Jan-15 Narayankhed Medak
832 Wargal 30-Jan-15 Wargal Medak
833 Aliabad 7-Feb-15 mulugu Medak
834 Algole 10-Feb-15 Zaheerabad Medak
835 Pampad 11-Feb-15 Raikode Medak
836 Didgi 12-Feb-15 Zaheerabad Medak
837 Gowraram 13-Feb-15 Wargal Medak
838 Mulugu 18-Feb-15 Mulugu Medak
839 Burdhipahad 18-Feb-15 Zaheerabad Medak
840 Ramaipalli 21-Feb-15 Toopran Medak
841 Yavapur 24-Feb-15 Toopran Medak
842 Sheripalli 25-Feb-15 Wargal Medak
843 Gopanpally 25-Feb-15 Zaheerabad Medak
844 Malchalma 28-Feb-15 Zaheerabad Medak
845 Laxmisagar 10-Mar-15 Pulkal Medak
846 Rimmanaguda 12-Mar-15 Gadwal Medak
847 Kondapur 14-Mar-15 Regode Medak
848 Esojipet 15-Mar-15 Pulkal Medak
849 Kasireddypalli 20-Mar-15 Mulugu Medak
850 Minpur 20-Mar-15 Pulkal Medak
851 Pamulaparthy 23-Mar-15 Wargal Medak
852 Gonglur 24-Mar-15 Pulkal Medak
853 Siroor 28-Mar-15 Raikode Medak
854 Narsapur 31-Mar-15 Mulugu Medak
855 Toopran 3-Apr-15 Toopran Medak
856 Singoor 10-Apr-15 Pulkal Medak
857 Banglavenkatapur 11-Apr-15 Gadwal Medak
858 Mudhimanikyam 12-Apr-15 Pulkal Medak
859 Meenajipet 17-Apr-15 Wargal Medak
860 Arkela 18-Apr-15 Papannapet Medak
861 Annaram 22-Apr-15 Papannapet Medak
862 Dharmareddy 23-Apr-15 Gadwal Medak
863 Annasagar 25-Apr-15 Andhole Medak
864 Narsingi 28-Apr-15 Papannapet Medak
865 komatibandi 28-Apr-15 Gadwal Medak
866 Markook 5-May-15 Mulugu Medak
867 Yellupet 5-May-15 Tekmal Medak
868 Yelpugonda 10-May-15 Tekmal Medak
869 Kusunoor 12-May-15 Raikode Medak
870 Rudraram 15-May-15 Patancheru Medak
871 Podichanpally 20-May-15 Papannapet Medak
872 Marpalli 22-May-15 Regode Medak
873 Ranjole 15-Jun-15 Zaheerabad Medak
874 Pyraram 18-Jun-15 Regode Medak
875 Busareddypalli 19-Jun-15 Munipally Medak
876 Cheelapally 22-Jun-15 Munipally Medak
877 Nandigama 27-Jun-15 Patancheru Medak
878 Yellampally 3-Jul-15 Tekmal Medak
879 Bonthapalli 7-Jul-15 Jinnaram Medak
880 Budhera 23-Jul-15 Munipally Medak
881 Tampuloor 2-Aug-15 Tekmal Medak
882 Kadloor 10-Aug-15 Tekmal Medak
883 Mallampet 10-Aug-15 Papannapet Medak
884 Ramadasuguda 17-Aug-15 Kowdipally Medak
885 Venkatapur 18-Aug-15 Tekmal Medak
886 Jinnaram 18-Aug-15 Jinnaram Medak
887 Gowthapur 20-Aug-15 Kowdipally Medak
888 Pedda Gopulapuram 24-Aug-15 Munipally Medak
889 Podchanpally 25-Aug-15 Papannapet Medak
890 Chandur 27-Aug-15 Kowdipally Medak
891 Somakkapet 28-Aug-15 Kowdipally Medak
892 Bodmatpally 7-Sep-15 Tekmal Medak
893 Kurthiwada 8-Sep-15 Papannapet Medak
894 Pinapaka 11-Sep-15 Pinapaka Medak
895 Tekmal 15-Sep-15 Tekmal Medak
896 Tirumalayapalem 17-Sep-15 Tirumalayapalem Medak
897 Minpur 18-Sep-15 Papannapet Medak
898 Guvvalagudem 20-Sep-15 Nelakondapally Medak
899 Laxminagar (A) 20-Sep-15 Papannapet Medak
900 Pinjaramadugu 22-Sep-15 Kamepalli Medak
901 Banapuram 23-Sep-15 Mudigonda Medak
902 Kothapally 28-Sep-15 Papannapet Medak
903 Ameenpur 30-Oct-15 Patancheru Medak
904 Chilipched 7-Nov-15 Kowdipally Medak
905 Makthalaxmapur 7-Nov-15 Shankarampet Medak
906 Salabathpur 8-Nov-15 Kowdipally Medak
907 Mogudampally 16-Nov-15 Zaheerabad Medak
908 Chitkul 28-Nov-15 Kowdipally Medak
909 Revalli 29-May-08 Nampally Nalgonda
910 Regatte 25-Apr-12 Kanagal Nalgonda
911 Parvathagiri 28-Apr-12 Kanagal Nalgonda
912 Ragadapa 13-Jul-12 Miryalaguda Nalgonda
913 Mattampally 26-Oct-12 Mattampally Nalgonda
914 Kothagudem 30-May-13 Narayanpur Nalgonda
915 Miryala 22-Aug-13 Nuthankal Nalgonda
916 Tammadapally 9-Oct-13 Tirugandlapally Nalgonda
917 Bollaram 9-Oct-13 Gurrampode Nalgonda
918 Namapuram 10-Oct-13 Marriguda Nalgonda
919 Polepally 5-Nov-13 Chandampet Nalgonda
920 Aroor 6-Jan-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
921 Kandukoor 11-Jan-14 Gundlapally Nalgonda
922 Penchikaldenna 13-Jan-14 Nereducharla Nalgonda
923 B.N.Thimmapuram 22-Jan-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
924 Madhapur 27-Jan-14 Turkapalle Nalgonda
925 Lakshmidevikalva 5-Feb-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
926 Tokkapuram 4-May-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
927 Namathpalle 8-May-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
928 Anajipuram 10-May-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
929 Jainapally 14-May-14 Bibinagar Nalgonda
930 Mallareddygudem 2-Jun-14 S.Narayanpur Nalgonda
931 Nandanam 2-Jun-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
932 Wadaparthy 5-Jun-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
933 Maryala 15-Jun-14 Bommalaramaram Nalgonda
934 Hanmapuram 22-Jun-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
935 Peddakandukuru 11-Jul-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
936 Pahilvanpur 12-Jul-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
937 Cholleru 16-Jul-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
938 Ramajipet 21-Jul-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
939 Pagidipalli 23-Jul-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
940 Thallagudem 26-Jul-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
941 Kanchepalle 27-Jul-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
942 Tekulasomaram 28-Jul-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
943 Naalattagudem 1-Aug-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
944 Chinna Kandukur 7-Aug-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
945 Vangapalli 14-Aug-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
946 Redlarepaka 15-Aug-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
947 Velvarthi 20-Aug-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
948 Saidapur 21-Aug-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
949 Yadagirigutta 23-Aug-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
950 Proddutoor 31-Aug-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
951 Lothukunta 1-Sep-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
952 Bhahupeta 5-Sep-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
953 Mutthireddygudem 10-Sep-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
954 Gowrayipalli 12-Sep-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
955 Saduvelli 18-Sep-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
956 Rayagiri 20-Sep-14 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
957 Jangampalli 28-Sep-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
958 Edullagudem 30-Sep-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
959 Bhattugudem 1-Oct-14 Bibinagar Nalgonda
960 Kacharam 8-Oct-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
961 Aroor 15-Oct-14 Valigonda Nalgonda
962 Dhatarupalli 15-Oct-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
963 Gurraladhandi 18-Oct-14 Bibinagar Nalgonda
964 Masayipeta 22-Oct-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
965 Jampalli 28-Oct-14 Bibinagar Nalgonda
966 Mallapuram 29-Oct-14 Yadagirigutta Nalgonda
967 Kondagadapa 4-Nov-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
968 Mushipatla 11-Nov-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
969 Kanchanapally 17-Nov-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
970 Panakabanda 27-Nov-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
971 Paladugu 5-Dec-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
972 Anajipuram 10-Dec-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
973 Dhacharam 15-Dec-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
974 Chinnapadishala 19-Dec-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
975 Bujilapuram 29-Dec-14 Mothkuru Nalgonda
976 Ambala 31-Dec-14 Gundala Nalgonda
977 Narsapur 5-Jan-15 Atmakur Nalgonda
978 Pullayigudem 10-Jan-15 Atmakur Nalgonda
979 Rahimkhanpeta 16-Jan-15 Atmakur Nalgonda
980 Cheemala Kondur 19-Jan-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
981 Ragavapuram 21-Jan-15 Atmakur Nalgonda
982 Rahimkhanguda 21-Jan-15 Bibinagar Nalgonda
983 Kurella 24-Jan-15 Atmakur Nalgonda
984 Ramaram 27-Jan-15 Gundala Nalgonda
985 Tirmalapuram 2-Feb-15 Thurkapalli Nalgonda
986 Bhogaram 10-Feb-15 Ramannapeta Nalgonda
987 Vasalamarri 13-Feb-15 Thurkapalli Nalgonda
988 Mannevaripampu 17-Feb-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
989 Padamatisomaram 20-Feb-15 Bibinagar Nalgonda
990 Rusthapuram 25-Feb-15 Thurkapalli Nalgonda
991 Gousenagr 2-Mar-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
992 Maqdoompalli 6-Mar-15 Bibinagar Nalgonda
993 Kesaram 10-Mar-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
994 Gangasanipalli 14-Mar-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
995 Golnepally 18-Mar-15 valigonda Nalgonda
996 Yerramballi 25-Mar-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
997 Peddakondur 2-Apr-15 chowtuppal Nalgonda
998 Peddatanda 8-Apr-15 Turkapalle Nalgonda
999 Kondamadugu 15-Apr-15 Bibinagar Nalgonda
1000 Tummalagudem (Indrapalanagaram) 22-Apr-15 Ramannapeta Nalgonda
1001 Anantharam 26-Apr-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
1002 Guduru 30-Apr-15 Bibinagar Nalgonda
1003 Venikirala 1-May-15 Bibinagar Nalgonda
1004 Mududandla 6-May-15 chandampet Nalgonda
1005 Ramchandrapuram 10-May-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
1006 Nemalikalwa 15-May-15 valigonda Nalgonda
1007 Paccharlaboddu 20-May-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
1008 Pallegudem 25-May-15 Bibinagar Nalgonda
1009 Varkatpalli 30-May-15 valigonda Nalgonda
1010 Surepally 3-Jun-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
1011 Sangem 10-Jun-15 valigonda Nalgonda
1012 Penchikalpahad 16-Jun-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
1013 Raghavapur 20-Jun-15 Bibinagar Nalgonda
1014 Reddy Nayak Thanda 28-Jun-15 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
1015 Chandampet 25-Jul-15 chandampet Nalgonda
1016 Pendlipakala 7-Aug-15 devarakonda Nalgonda
1017 Kondamallepally 8-Aug-15 devarakonda Nalgonda
1018 Kanchanapally 9-Aug-15 Nalgonda Nalgonda
1019 Ajmapuram 10-Aug-15 Peddadiserlapally Nalgonda
1020 Neradigomma 5-Sep-15 chandampet Nalgonda
1021 Thurupupalli 8-Sep-15 devarakonda Nalgonda
1022 Kondabheemanapalli 8-Sep-15 devarakonda Nalgonda
1023 Kothapally 9-Sep-15 chandampet Nalgonda
1024 Peddamunigal 9-Sep-15 chandampet Nalgonda
1025 Kolmunthalpahad 11-Sep-15 devarakonda Nalgonda
1026 Azeempet 10-Oct-15 Mothkuru Nalgonda
1027 Chennaram 10-Oct-15 Devarakonda Nalgonda
1028 Addaguduru 13-Oct-15 Mothkuru Nalgonda
1029 Ganugubanda 17-Oct-15 Tungaturthi Nalgonda
1030 Anantharam 19-Oct-15 Tirumalagir Nalgonda
1031 Ammanabole 21-Oct-15 Narkatpally Nalgonda
1032 Munipampula 26-Oct-15 Ramannapeta Nalgonda
1033 Manimadde 27-Oct-15 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1034 Doniyala 28-Oct-15 Devarakonda Nalgonda
1035 Chinnamunigal 2-Nov-15 Chandampet Nalgonda
1036 Govindapuram 4-Nov-15 Mothkuru Nalgonda
1037 Pasunoor 7-Nov-15 Tungaturthi Nalgonda
1038 Mynampally 7-Nov-15 Devarakonda Nalgonda
1039 Balemla 9-Nov-15 Suryapet Nalgonda
1040 Nelvalapally 10-Nov-15 Chintapally Nalgonda
1041 Yerkaram 12-Nov-15 Suryapet Nalgonda
1042 Nandapuram 13-Nov-15 Tirumalagiri Nalgonda
1043 Gandhinagar 16-Nov-15 Suryapet Nalgonda
1044 Gangapuram 17-Nov-15 Gundala Nalgonda
1045 K.T.Annaram 18-Nov-15 Suryapet Nalgonda
1046 Nasarlapally 24-Nov-15 Chintapally Nalgonda
1047 Polepally-Ramnagar 25-Nov-15 Chintapally Nalgonda
1048 Bahaddurpeta 27-Nov-15 Aleru Nalgonda
1049 Kolluru 28-Nov-15 Aleru Nalgonda
1050 Vinjamur 29-Nov-15 Chintapally Nalgonda
1051 Tudimidi 28-Dec-15 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1052 Baravuni Banda 2-Jan-16 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1053 Ramanjapuram 5-Jan-16 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1054 N.G.Kottapalli (Nulagadda) 8-Jan-16 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1055 Yerraram 10-Jan-16 Gundlapally Nalgonda
1056 Nunegudem 11-Jan-16 Gundala Nalgonda
1057 Kamepally 12-Jan-16 Gundlapally Nalgonda
1058 T.Gowraram 13-Jan-16 Gundlapally Nalgonda
1059 Khanapur 13-Jan-16 Gundlapally Nalgonda
1060 Kasarlapahad 18-Jan-16 Jajireddygudem Nalgonda
1061 Rayenigudem 18-Jan-16 Suryapet Nalgonda
1062 Chittalur 21-Jan-16 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1063 Gurajala 21-Jan-16 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1064 Telugupally 23-Jan-16 Devarakonda Nalgonda
1065 Veeraboyinapally 24-Jan-16 Gundlapally Nalgonda
1066 Uppalancha 25-Jan-16 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1067 Tawaklapur 25-Jan-16 Gundlapally Nalgonda
1068 Vangamarthy 27-Jan-16 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1069 Kandukuru 27-Jan-16 Gundlapally Nalgonda
1070 Cherkupally 27-Jan-16 Gundlapally Nalgonda
1071 Bollanapally 28-Jan-16 Gundlapally Nalgonda
1072 Chilukuru (MPP) 30-Jan-16 Chilukuru Nalgonda
1073 Bhuvanagiri (Muicipality) 3-Feb-16 Bhuvanagiri Nalgonda
1074 Thatikal 5-Feb-16 Devarakonda Nalgonda
1075 Dhugyala 10-Feb-16 Peddadiserlapally Nalgonda
1076 Chitriyala 19-Feb-16 Chandampet Nalgonda
1077 Rekulagadda 21-Feb-16 Chandampet Nalgonda
1078 Shaligowraram 22-Feb-16 Shaligowraram Nalgonda
1079 Palwai 26-Feb-16 Gurrampode Nalgonda
1080 Peddamula 3-Mar-16 Chandampet Nalgonda
1081 Amluru 5-Mar-16 Gurrampode Nalgonda
1082 Nadikuda 5-Mar-16 Gurrampode Nalgonda
1083 Kammarpally 5-Jan-09 Kammarpalli Nizamabad
1084 Mallur 5-Feb-11 Nizamsagar Nizamabad
1085 Annaram 12-Sep-11 Machareddy Nizamabad
1086 Anthampally 13-Dec-11 Bhikanoor Nizamabad
1087 Pothangal Kalan 14-Dec-11 Gandhari Nizamabad
1088 Toompally 14-Dec-11 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1089 Nallavelly 14-Dec-11 Dharpally Nizamabad
1090 Bhagirthipally 14-Dec-11 Bhikanoor Nizamabad
1091 Kannapur 14-Dec-11 Lingampet Nizamabad
1092 Thimmakpally 14-Dec-11 Kamareddy Nizamabad
1093 Yerrapahad 14-Dec-11 Tadwai Nizamabad
1094 Uppalvai 14-Dec-11 Sadasivanagar Nizamabad
1095 Adloor 14-Dec-11 Kamareddy Nizamabad
1096 Bhurgul 14-Dec-11 Gandhari Nizamabad
1097 Dhurgum 14-Dec-11 Gandhari Nizamabad
1098 Yallampet 14-Dec-11 Manchada Nizamabad
1099 Issannapally 14-Dec-11 S.S.Nagar Nizamabad
1100 Kothalpally 18-Jun-12 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1101 Advilingal 18-Jun-12 Yellareddy Nizamabad
1102 Yellaredy 18-Jun-12 Yellareddy Nizamabad
1103 Lingampally 18-Jun-12 Sadasivanagar Nizamabad
1104 Devunipally 18-Jun-12 Kamareddy Nizamabad
1105 Kamarlabanda 18-Jun-12 Sadasivanagar Nizamabad
1106 Kondapur 18-Jun-12 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1107 Timma Nagar 18-Jul-12 Pitlam Nizamabad
1108 Annaram 26-Jul-12 Pitlam Nizamabad
1109 Chillargi 27-Jul-12 Pitlam Nizamabad
1110 Kistapur 28-Jul-12 Pitlam Nizamabad
1111 Karegoan 30-Jul-12 Pitlam Nizamabad
1112 Mardanda 31-Jul-12 Pitlam Nizamabad
1113 Arepally (Brahmanpally) 31-Jul-12 Nizamsagar Nizamabad
1114 Uppalavai 8-Nov-13 Sadasivanagar Nizamabad
1115 Nemli 12-Jan-14 Birkur Nizamabad
1116 Pakal 15-Apr-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1117 Cheemanpalli 28-May-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1118 Pandimadugu 28-May-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1119 Thatipalli 31-May-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1120 Honnajipet 6-Jun-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1121 Ravutla 7-Jun-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1122 Musheernagar 7-Jun-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1123 Dhammanapet 16-Jun-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1124 Rahath Nagar 4-Jul-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1125 Gadkal 17-Jul-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1126 Mailaram 19-Jul-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1127 Devvakkapeta 26-Jul-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1128 Pallikonda 1-Aug-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1129 Hussain Nagar 12-Aug-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1130 Manaala 16-Aug-14 Kammarpalli Nizamabad
1131 Sirikonda 25-Aug-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1132 Konapur 4-Sep-14 Kammarpalli Nizamabad
1133 Chowtpalli 12-Sep-14 Kammarpalli Nizamabad
1134 Narsapur 13-Sep-14 Kammarpalli Nizamabad
1135 Enayath Nagar 22-Sep-14 Kammarpalli Nizamabad
1136 Ameernagar 11-Oct-14 Khammerpally Nizamabad
1137 Basheerabad 18-Oct-14 Khammerpally Nizamabad
1138 Bachanpally 20-Oct-14 Bheemgal Nizamabad
1139 Pipri 27-Oct-14 Bheemgal Nizamabad
1140 Vellutla 5-Nov-14 Yellareddy Nizamabad
1141 Lakshmapur 17-Nov-14 Yellareddy Nizamabad
1142 Pothnoor 22-Nov-14 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1143 Annasagar 29-Nov-14 Yellareddy Nizamabad
1144 Kondapur 5-Dec-14 Tadwai Nizamabad
1145 Somarpet 9-Dec-14 Yellareddy Nizamabad
1146 Mengaram 19-Dec-14 Lingampet Nizamabad
1147 Maddikunta 22-Dec-14 Machareddy Nizamabad
1148 Argonda 29-Dec-14 Tadwai Nizamabad
1149 Akkapur 31-Dec-14 Machareddy Nizamabad
1150 Kesaram 3-Jan-15 Dharpally Nizamabad
1151 Santhayipet 7-Jan-15 Tadwai Nizamabad
1152 Bonal 10-Jan-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1153 Tippapur 20-Jan-15 Bhikanoor Nizamabad
1154 Lingampet 20-Jan-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1155 Hasanpalli 22-Jan-15 Nizamsagar Nizamabad
1156 Pothaipally 29-Jan-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1157 Ankapur 7-Feb-15 Armoor Nizamabad
1158 Battapur 13-Feb-15 Morthad Nizamabad
1159 Hasakothur 20-Feb-15 Kammarpalli Nizamabad
1160 Kolipyak 24-Feb-15 Jakranpally Nizamabad
1161 Kondur 26-Feb-15 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1162 Chikli 24-Mar-15 Makloor Nizamabad
1163 Nadipalli 25-Mar-15 Dichpally Nizamabad
1164 Amruthapur 26-Mar-15 Dichpally Nizamabad
1165 Donkal 30-Mar-15 Dharpally Nizamabad
1166 Konasamundhar 1-Apr-15 Kammarpalli Nizamabad
1167 Nyavanandhi 2-Apr-15 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1168 Padkal 7-Apr-15 Jakranpally Nizamabad
1169 Uploor 14-Apr-15 Kammarpalli Nizamabad
1170 Doosgaon 17-Apr-15 Dichpally Nizamabad
1171 Bibipur 18-Apr-15 Dichpally Nizamabad
1172 Kamareddy (Municipality) 25-Apr-15 kamareddy Nizamabad
1173 Anksapur 5-May-15 Vailpoor Nizamabad
1174 Dubbak 11-May-15 Dharpally Nizamabad
1175 Degaon 2-Jun-15 Armoor Nizamabad
1176 Thorlikonda 19-Jun-15 Jakranpally Nizamabad
1177 Mendora 20-Jun-15 Bheemgal Nizamabad
1178 Jagiryala 22-Jun-15 Bheemgal Nizamabad
1179 Dharpally 25-Jun-15 Dharpally Nizamabad
1180 Ramadugu 26-Jun-15 Dharpally Nizamabad
1181 Chandrayaanpalli 9-Jul-15 Dichpally Nizamabad
1182 Peddawalgot 10-Jul-15 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1183 Chintakunta 11-Jul-15 Varni Nizamabad
1184 Yellareddypalli 13-Jul-15 Dharpally Nizamabad
1185 Jakora 15-Jul-15 Varni Nizamabad
1186 Shankora 21-Jul-15 Varni Nizamabad
1187 Sirnapally 22-Jul-15 Dharpally Nizamabad
1188 Mallaram 24-Jul-15 Varni Nizamabad
1189 Maggidi 27-Jul-15 Armoor Nizamabad
1190 Bazarkothoor 28-Jul-15 Nandipet Nizamabad
1191 Khannapur 31-Jul-15 Sadasivanagar Nizamabad
1192 Ghanpoor 31-Jul-15 Varni Nizamabad
1193 Hamnapur 3-Aug-15 Varni Nizamabad
1194 Somarampet 4-Aug-15 Machareddy Nizamabad
1195 CH Kondoor 7-Aug-15 Nandipet Nizamabad
1196 Nachupally 11-Aug-15 Birkur Nizamabad
1197 Laxmiravulapalli 13-Aug-15 Machareddy Nizamabad
1198 Banjepally 14-Aug-15 Machareddy Nizamabad
1199 Ratnagiripalli 17-Aug-15 Machareddy Nizamabad
1200 Mailaram 19-Aug-15 Birkur Nizamabad
1201 Isaipet 20-Aug-15 Machareddy Nizamabad
1202 Potaram 21-Aug-15 Machareddy Nizamabad
1203 Sangem 22-Aug-15 Birkur Nizamabad
1204 Jalalpur 27-Aug-15 Jalalpur Nizamabad
1205 Shatpalli 1-Sep-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1206 Banapur 7-Sep-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1207 Nallamadugu 9-Sep-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1208 Karpole 11-Sep-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1209 Shatpalli Sangareddy 15-Sep-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1210 Jaldipalli 23-Sep-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1211 Bhavanipet 13-Oct-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1212 Mumbajipet 24-Oct-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1213 Mothe 26-Oct-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1214 Baswannapally 27-Oct-15 Tadwai Nizamabad
1215 Lingampally Kurdhu 30-Oct-15 Lingampet Nizamabad
1216 Devunipally 31-Oct-15 Machareddy Nizamabad
1217 Bhavanipet 21-Nov-15 Machareddy Nizamabad
1218 Lacchapet 26-Nov-15 Machareddy Nizamabad
1219 Gargul 28-Nov-15 kamareddy Nizamabad
1220 Gudem 31-Dec-15 kamareddy Nizamabad
1221 Birkoor (MPP) 4-Jan-16 Birkur Nizamabad
1222 Singarayipally 12-Jan-16 Machareddy Nizamabad
1223 Armoor (MPP) 21-Jan-16 Armoor Nizamabad
1224 Palwancha 22-Jan-16 Machareddy Nizamabad
1225 Parmalla 25-Jan-16 Lingampet Nizamabad
1226 Vadi 27-Jan-16 Machareddy Nizamabad
1227 Shabdipur 28-Jan-16 kamareddy Nizamabad
1228 Nandipet (MPP) 3-Feb-16 Nandipet Nizamabad
1229 Varni (MPP) 5-Feb-16 Nizamabad Nizamabad
1230 Ramadugu 10-Feb-16 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1231 Chinnawalgot 12-Feb-16 Sirikonda Nizamabad
1232 Bandarameshwarpally 17-Feb-16 Machareddy Nizamabad
1233 Fareedpet 23-Feb-16 Machareddy Nizamabad
1234 Bibipet 12-Sep-12 Domakonda Nizamabad
1235 Malkapur 6-Nov-12 Domakonda Nizamabad
1236 Tujalpur 6-Nov-12 Domakonda Nizamabad
1237 Issanagar 7-Nov-12 Domakonda Nizamabad
1238 Upparapalli 8-Nov-12 Domakonda Nizamabad
1239 Mohammadapur 16-Nov-12 Domakonda Nizamabad
1240 Sidduluru 8-Jan-12 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1241 Peelaram 8-Feb-12 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1242 Hymayath sagar 2-Apr-12 Rajendranagar Ranga Reddy
1243 Polkampally 4-Apr-12 Ibrahimpatnam Ranga Reddy
1244 Naganpally 16-Apr-12 Ibrahimpatnam Ranga Reddy
1245 Arutla 7-May-12 Manchal Ranga Reddy
1246 Yellamma Tanda 7-May-12 Manchal Ranga Reddy
1247 Lingampally 14-May-12 Manchal Ranga Reddy
1248 Dayacharam 8-Jun-12 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1249 Bandalemur 6-Jul-12 Manchal Ranga Reddy
1250 Thallapalliguda 6-Jul-12 Manchal Ranga Reddy
1251 Thippaiguda 6-Jul-12 Manchal Ranga Reddy
1252 Manchal 6-Jul-12 Manchal Ranga Reddy
1253 M.C.Palli 8-Jul-12 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1254 Dadpalle 15-Jul-12 Manchal Ranga Reddy
1255 Yerravalli 26-Jul-12 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1256 Mambapur 26-Jul-12 Peddemul Ranga Reddy
1257 Kompalli 27-Jul-12 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1258 Gazipur 28-Jul-12 Peddemul Ranga Reddy
1259 Neelapalle 1-Aug-12 Basheerabad Ranga Reddy
1260 Eliminedu 5-Aug-12 Ibrahimpatnam Ranga Reddy
1261 Navalga 6-Aug-12 Basheerabad Ranga Reddy
1262 Pendlimadgu 7-Aug-12 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1263 Damerchid 8-Aug-12 Basheerabad Ranga Reddy
1264 Basheerabad 16-Aug-12 Basheerabad Ranga Reddy
1265 Mailwar 19-Aug-12 Basheerabad Ranga Reddy
1266 Gaddameedigangaram 22-Aug-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1267 Dharur Station 22-Aug-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1268 Ibrahimpatnam 28-Aug-12 Ibrahimpatnam Ranga Reddy
1269 Dharur 29-Aug-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1270 Zaidupally 2-Sep-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1271 Ebbanoor 18-Sep-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1272 Haridaspalle 18-Sep-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1273 Chintakunta 19-Sep-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1274 Godamguda 19-Sep-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1275 Nagasamundar 22-Sep-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1276 Munnurusomaram 22-Sep-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1277 Kukinada 23-Sep-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1278 Kondapurkalan 23-Sep-12 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1279 Mall 7-Oct-12 Yacharam Ranga Reddy
1280 Ahmedguda 14-Nov-12 Keesara Ranga Reddy
1281 Raipol 4-Dec-12 Ibrahimpatnam Ranga Reddy
1282 L.B.Nagar 16-Jul-14 Saroornagar Ranga Reddy
1283 Pulimaddi 27-Jul-12 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1284 Nagaram 18-Jul-14 Maheshwaram Ranga Reddy
1285 Gollapalli 22-Jul-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1286 Masanpalli 23-Jul-14 Maheshwaram Ranga Reddy
1287 PeddaGolkanda 25-Jul-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1288 Chinna Golkonda 4-Aug-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1289 Shankarapur 13-Aug-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1290 Hamidullanagar 20-Aug-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1291 Palmakula 26-Aug-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1292 Thondapally 4-Sep-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1293 Munchintal 10-Sep-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1294 Peddatupra 19-Sep-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1295 Madhanpally 24-Sep-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1296 Kavvaguda 7-Oct-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1297 Nanajipur 15-Oct-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1298 Ramanjapur 20-Oct-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1299 Kothwalguda 27-Oct-14 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1300 Kudavandhpur 6-Nov-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1301 Govindapur 13-Nov-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1302 Mittakoduru 19-Nov-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1303 Roopkhanpet 28-Nov-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1304 Thondapalli 6-Dec-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1305 Naskal 8-Dec-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1306 Kadlapur 16-Dec-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1307 Chityal 20-Dec-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1308 Gadisingapur 23-Dec-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1309 Parigi (MPP) 29-Dec-14 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1310 Maddur 2-Jan-15 Shabad Ranga Reddy
1311 Kotalagudem 3-Jan-15 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1312 Burgupalli 6-Jan-15 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1313 Athvelly 12-Jan-15 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1314 Madhgulchittampalli 17-Jan-15 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1315 Vikarabad (MPP) 27-Jan-15 Vikarabad Ranga Reddy
1316 Rudraram 18-Feb-15 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1317 Sarpanpally 21-Feb-15 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1318 Dharur (MPP) 23-Feb-15 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1319 Baspalli 6-Mar-15 Doma Ranga Reddy
1320 Rakonda 11-Mar-15 Doma Ranga Reddy
1321 Mailaram 20-Mar-15 Doma Ranga Reddy
1322 Allipoor 24-Mar-15 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1323 Bompally 24-Mar-15 Doma Ranga Reddy
1324 Antharam 30-Mar-15 Dharur Ranga Reddy
1325 Ranga Reddy (Zilla Parishad) 30-Mar-15 Ranga Reddy Ranga Reddy
1326 Manneguda 6-Apr-15 Pudur Ranga Reddy
1327 Chintalapalli 17-Apr-15 Pudur Ranga Reddy
1328 Chakalpally 20-Apr-15 Kulkacherla Ranga Reddy
1329 Marikal 27-Apr-15 Kulkacherla Ranga Reddy
1330 Malkapur 4-May-15 Kulkacherla Ranga Reddy
1331 Kothapally 9-May-15 Kulkacherla Ranga Reddy
1332 Mothkur 13-May-15 Doma Ranga Reddy
1333 Sulthanpur 26-May-15 Parigi Ranga Reddy
1334 Kandlapally 4-Jun-15 Pudur Ranga Reddy
1335 Angadichittampally 10-Jun-15 Pudur Ranga Reddy
1336 Changomul 15-Jun-15 Pudur Ranga Reddy
1337 Quthbullapur 19-Jun-15 Pudur Ranga Reddy
1338 Somangurthy 23-Jun-15 Pudur Ranga Reddy
1339 Gundala 9-Aug-15 Chevella Ranga Reddy
1340 Dornalpally 11-Aug-15 Doma Ranga Reddy
1341 Thurkapally 18-Aug-15 Shameerpet Ranga Reddy
1342 Gowrelli 20-Aug-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1343 Anajpur 21-Aug-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1344 Sankepally 24-Aug-15 Shankarpally Ranga Reddy
1345 Bandaravirala 2-Sep-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1346 Chinnaravirala 9-Sep-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1347 Kavadipally 15-Sep-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1348 Anthappaguda 24-Sep-15 Shankarpally Ranga Reddy
1349 Thurkayamjal 28-Sep-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1350 Porandla 30-Sep-15 Maheshwaram Ranga Reddy
1351 Gundlapochampally 14-Oct-15 Medchal Ranga Reddy
1352 Chithapur 28-Oct-15 Manchal Ranga Reddy
1353 Thorrur 17-Nov-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1354 Ragannaguda 26-Nov-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1355 Balijaguda 26-Nov-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1356 Munuganoor 28-Nov-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1357 Kotthur 2-Dec-15 Kandukur Ranga Reddy
1358 Lemoor 3-Dec-15 Kandukur Ranga Reddy
1359 Batasingaram 3-Dec-15 Hayathnagar Ranga Reddy
1360 Peddashapur 10-Feb-16 Shamshabad Ranga Reddy
1361 Kondai 31-Jul-12 Eturinagaram Warangal
1362 Chinnanagaram 13-Aug-12 Nellikuduru Warangal
1363 Thogarrai 14-Aug-12 Duggondi Warangal
1364 Muppanapally 16-Aug-12 Eturinagaram Warangal
1365 Roheer 16-Aug-12 Eturinagaram Warangal
1366 Chelpaka 17-Aug-12 Eturinagaram Warangal
1367 Eturnagaram 17-Aug-12 Eturinagaram Warangal
1368 Sarvai 18-Aug-12 Eturinagaram Warangal
1369 Shapally 18-Aug-12 Kothagudem Warangal
1370 Buttaigudem 18-Aug-12 Eturinagaram Warangal
1371 Gollapally 24-Aug-12 Nekkonda Warangal
1372 Chandrugonda 25-Aug-12 Nekkonda Warangal
1373 Mettupally 25-Aug-12 Mogullapally Warangal
1374 Gundlakarthy 25-Aug-12 Mogullapally Warangal
1375 Motlapally 25-Aug-12 Mogullapally Warangal
1376 Ravirala 25-Aug-12 Nellikuduru Warangal
1377 Mudigonda 26-Aug-12 Nekkonda Warangal
1378 Kathigudem 26-Aug-12 Mangapet Warangal
1379 Kamareddy Gudem 27-Aug-12 Devaruppala Warangal
1380 Gollapally 27-Aug-12 Devaruppala Warangal
1381 Gundrapally 27-Aug-12 Nekkonda Warangal
1382 Domeda 27-Aug-12 Mangapet Warangal
1383 Neermala 28-Aug-12 Devaruppala Warangal
1384 Deekshakunta 29-Aug-12 Nekkonda Warangal
1385 Murthyalapally 31-Aug-12 Atmakur Warangal
1386 Agrampad 31-Aug-12 Atmakur Warangal
1387 Rathiram Thanda 4-Sep-12 Nellikuduru Warangal
1388 Narsapur (N) 5-Sep-12 Narmetta Warangal
1389 Erragollapagad 1-Jul-13 Jangaon Warangal
1390 Aleru 6-Aug-13 Nellikuduru Warangal
1391 Seethanagaram 15-Aug-13 Guduru Warangal
1392 Kadavendi 21-Aug-13 Devaruppala Warangal
1393 Venkatapuram 27-Aug-13 Nekkonda Warangal
1394 Mogilicherla 10-Oct-13 Kuravi Warangal
1395 Marigadi 18-Oct-13 Jangaon Warangal
1396 Nereda 3-Jan-14 Kuravi Warangal
1397 Katryala 22-Jan-14 Wardhannapet Warangal
1398 Chintapally 19-May-14 Kuravi Warangal
1399 Kannagundla 21-May-14 Dornakal Warangal
1400 Katrapalli 24-May-14 Kesamudram Warangal
1401 Lakshmipuram 26-May-14 Mahabubabad Warangal
1402 Gollacherla 11-Jun-14 Dornakal Warangal
1403 Edhulapusapally 13-Jun-14 Mahabubabad Warangal
1404 Beruvada 20-Jun-14 Kesamudram Warangal
1405 Kandhikonda 27-Jun-14 Kuravi Warangal
1406 Karlai 11-Jul-14 Kothagudem Warangal
1407 Metwada 11-Jul-14 Guduru Warangal
1408 Macharla 15-Jul-14 Matchai Warangal
1409 Jamallapally 17-Jul-14 Mahabubabad Warangal
1410 Kambalapally 4-Aug-14 Mahabubabad Warangal
1411 Palempeta 5-Aug-14 Venkatapur Warangal
1412 Anantharam 15-Aug-14 Mahabubabad Warangal
1413 Mutthojupeta 21-Aug-14 Narsampet Warangal
1414 Enugal 9-Sep-14 Parvathagiri Warangal
1415 vellampalli 13-Sep-14 Parkal Warangal
1416 Chennaram 22-Sep-14 Vardhannapeta Warangal
1417 Ashok Nagar 23-Sep-14 Khanapuram Warangal
1418 Bhupalnagar 26-Sep-14 Mulugu Warangal
1419 Gajulagattu 14-Oct-14 Guduru Warangal
1420 Penugonda 15-Oct-14 Kesamudram Warangal
1421 Chowtapalli 29-Oct-14 Parvathagiri Warangal
1422 Itikalapally 13-Nov-14 Narsampet Warangal
1423 Dhannasari 14-Nov-14 Kesamudram Warangal
1424 Rangapuram 19-Nov-14 Kesamudram Warangal
1425 Malyala 23-Nov-14 Mahabubabad Warangal
1426 Apparajupalli 1-Dec-14 Guduru Warangal
1427 Budharaopeta 12-Dec-14 Khanapuram Warangal
1428 Batthulapalli 17-Dec-14 Kothaguda Warangal
1429 Sriramgiri 20-Dec-14 Nellikuduru Warangal
1430 Inugurthi 23-Dec-14 Kesamudram Warangal
1431 Velubelli 24-Dec-14 Kothaguda Warangal
1432 Gangaramu 6-Jan-15 Kothaguda Warangal
1433 Dhamaravacha 7-Jan-15 Guduru Warangal
1434 Karlapally 12-Jan-15 Govindaraopeta Warangal
1435 Dhabbirpeta 19-Jan-15 Khanapuram Warangal
1436 Katapur 20-Jan-15 Tadwai Warangal
1437 Jakkaram 24-Jan-15 Mulugu Warangal
1438 Urattam 11-Feb-15 Tadwai Warangal
1439 Bandarupally 14-Feb-15 Mulugu Warangal
1440 Marrigudem 18-Feb-15 Kothaguda Warangal
1441 Chinna Yellapur 19-Feb-15 Guduru Warangal
1442 Dharmaraopeta 21-Feb-15 Khanapuram Warangal
1443 Pasra (Nagaram) 28-Feb-15 Govindaraopeta Warangal
1444 Madaguda 17-Mar-15 Kothaguda Warangal
1445 Laknavaram 18-Mar-15 Govindaraopeta Warangal
1446 Sarvapur 23-Mar-15 mulugu Warangal
1447 Beerelli 25-Mar-15 Tadwai Warangal
1448 Narlapur 27-Mar-15 Tadwai Warangal
1449 Yellanda 30-Mar-15 Wardhannapet Warangal
1450 Bussapur 10-Apr-15 Govindaraopeta Warangal
1451 Ankannagudem 15-Apr-15 mulugu Warangal
1452 Komtlagudem 16-Apr-15 Kothaguda Warangal
1453 Gangaram 17-Apr-15 Tadwai Warangal
1454 Metharajupalli 18-Apr-15 Nellikuduru Warangal
1455 Jagannapeta 20-Apr-15 mulugu Warangal
1456 Madannapeta 2-May-15 Narsampet Warangal
1457 Chandhurugonda 14-May-15 Nekkonda Warangal
1458 Chaluvai 15-May-15 Govindaraopeta Warangal
1459 Mushmi 30-May-15 Kothaguda Warangal
1460 Narayanapuram 11-Jun-15 Nellikuduru Warangal
1461 Mahabubabad (Municipality) 31-Jul-15 Mahabubabad Warangal
1462 Chennaraopeta 21-Aug-15 Chennaraopeta Warangal
1463 Kommulavancha 24-Aug-15 Narasimhulapeta Warangal
1464 Rajupeta 25-Aug-15 Narsampet Warangal
1465 Kothaguda 27-Aug-15 Kothaguda Warangal
1466 Kuravi 31-Aug-15 Kuravi Warangal
1467 Kapulakanaparthy 1-Sep-15 Sangem Warangal
1468 Thaduvai 21-Sep-15 S.S.Tadvai Warangal
1469 Bethole 27-Sep-15 Mahabubabad Warangal
1470 Devunoor 15-Oct-15 Dharmasagar Warangal
1471 Somadevarapally 20-Oct-15 Dharmasagar Warangal
1472 Korukondapally 15-Dec-15 Kesamudram Warangal
1473 Kammaripeta 15-Dec-15 Dharmasagar Warangal
1474 Janakipuram 15-Dec-15 Dharmasagar Warangal
1475 Mupparam 16-Dec-15 Dharmasagar Warangal
1476 Veleru 18-Dec-15 Dharmasagar Warangal
1477 Shalapally 18-Dec-15 Dharmasagar Warangal
1478 Mangalawaripeta 19-Dec-15 Khanapuram Warangal
1479 Appalaraopet 21-Dec-15 Nekkonda Warangal
1480 Nayakpally 23-Dec-15 Guduru Warangal
1481 Narayanagiri 23-Dec-15 Dharmasagar Warangal
1482 Laxmakkapalli 25-Dec-15 Kodakandla Warangal
1483 Mannegudem 28-Dec-15 Dornakal Warangal
1484 Madhanapuram 30-Dec-15 Guduru Warangal
1485 Narsimhulagudem 6-Jan-16 Nellikuduru Warangal
1486 Edunuthula 6-Jan-16 Kodakandla Warangal
1487 Teegalaveni 8-Jan-16 Guduru Warangal
1488 Kyathampalli 10-Jan-16 Dharmasagar Warangal
1489 Mallikudurla 15-Jan-16 Dharmasagar Warangal
1490 Peechara 16-Jan-16 Dharmasagar Warangal
1491 Gollapalli 18-Jan-16 Devaruppala Warangal
1492 Gundlasagar 18-Jan-16 Dharmasagar Warangal
1493 Topanpally 19-Jan-16 Nekkonda Warangal
1494 Seetharampuram 19-Jan-16 Devaruppala Warangal
1495 Bollepally 21-Jan-16 Guduru Warangal
1496 Elukurthy 21-Jan-16 Dharmasagar Warangal
1497 Andanalapadu 23-Jan-16 Dornakal Warangal
1498 Nagurlapally 25-Jan-16 Narsampet Warangal
1499 Saipeta 25-Jan-16 Dharmasagar Warangal
1500 Uggampally 27-Jan-16 Maripeda Warangal
1501 Amanagal 28-Jan-16 Mahabubabad Warangal
1502 Ravigudem 29-Jan-16 Dornakal Warangal
1503 Mulkalapally 29-Jan-16 Dornakal Warangal
1504 Alamkanipet 4-Feb-16 Nekkonda Warangal
1505 Madipelli 5-Feb-16 Nekkonda Warangal
1506 Raigudem 8-Feb-16 Dharmasagar Warangal
1507 Padumatithanda 10-Feb-16 Devaruppala Warangal
1508 Madhapuram 10-Feb-16 Devaruppala Warangal
1509 Mondrai 15-Feb-16 Kodakgundla Warangal
1510 Kancharlagudem 23-Feb-16 Kuravi Warangal
1511 Nagarampally 24-Feb-16 Ghanapuram Warangal
1512 Ghanpur (MPP) 24-Feb-16 Ghanpur Warangal
1513 Kollapuram 26-Feb-16 Guduru Warangal
1514 Boddugonda 26-Feb-16 Guduru Warangal
1515 Akkampet 27-Feb-16 Atmakur Warangal
1516 Peddapuram 29-Feb-16 Atmakur Warangal

People's Biodiversity Register

People's Biodiversity Register (PBR) is a legal document that contains details of biological resources occurring within a BMC and contains associated knowledge as well. The PBR acts as a source of inventory of biological resources and knowledge and for benefit sharing purposes under the ABS component.

  • People's biodiversity register (PBR) contains comprehensive information on the availability and knowledge of local biological resources, medicinal or any other use or traditional knowledge associated with them.
  • The Biodiversity Management Committees at the gram panchayat / mandalparishad, municipality / municipal corporation level shall facilitate preparation of PBRs.
  • Biological resources means plants, animals and micro organisms or parts thereof, their geneticmaterial and by-products (excluding value added products) with actual or potential use or value but does not include human genetic material.
  • The PBR is an important document in the legal arena as evidence of prior knowledge and a useful tool in the management and sustainable use of bioresources.

Trainings to BMC

Awareness meetings were conducted to BMC chairmen and secretaries of the gram panchayat at Telangana State Biodiversity Board office to create awareness about

  • Biodiversity
  • Biological Diversity Act 2002
  • Telangana Biological Diversity Rules 2015
  • Biodiversity Management Committees
  • Peoples Biodiversity Registers
  • Access & Benefit Sharing Provisions (ABS)

Trainings to Universities and Research Institutes

Awareness meetings were also conducted for Universities and Research Institutes like Gitam University, CRIDA, IICT, about

  • Biodiversity
  • Biological Diversity Act 2002
  • Telangana Biological Diversity Rules 2015
  • Access & Benefit Sharing Provisions (ABS)


  • The eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP 11) was held in Hyderabad, India,from October 8 to 19, 2012.
  • This conference took place during the United Nations decade on Biodiversity (2011-2020) asdeclared by the United Nations General Assembly.
  • Its goal is to mainstream biodiversity at different levels. The governments are encouraged todevelop, implement and communicate the results of national strategies for implementation of the strategic plan for biodiversity.
  • A record 175 countries and 11,754 delegates participated in the mega event.
  • Commemorative pylon erected and national biodiversity museum announced by the Hon'blePrime Minister of India.
  • Cities for Life was conducted as parallel event involving more than 500 participants belonging to 45 countries and over 150 city representatives
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Commemorative Pylon, unveiled by Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, on the historic event of CoP-11 of CBD held in Hyderabad during October 2012. The Pylon was constructed in a record time of two months in 15 acres of land situated in Gachibowli, which symbolizes the Biodiversity and depicts the story of evolution of species.

The 46 feet high monument will become another landmark of Hyderabad, after the famous Charminar, a massive and impressive structure in Hyderabad.